Rebatemate tool

The revolutionary tool you must have

RebateMate is a revolutionary power tool designed to cut rebates along the edges of plasterboard, multi-board and cement sheeting in preparation for joining. The rebated edge created by RebateMate results is a stonger, seemless join in both ceiling and wall applications.
RebateMate attaches to most commercial vacuums to create a safe dust free environment. It is portable, simple to use and delivers substantial cost and time savings, while producing excellent results every time. This unique tool eliminates weakness in the join, glancing light, peaking, cracking, visible joins and wastage.

Benefits of RebateMate

  • Creates perfect seamless joins
  • Enables more plaster to be applied to join
  • Strengthens the butt joint area
  • Eliminates peaking and cracking where the plasterboard sheets meet
  • Very minimal glancing light
  • Cost and time savings
  • Maintenance and rework savings
  • Minimal product wastage (enables the use of off cuts that would normally be discarded)
  • Health and Safety Benefits

It's safe. It's fast. It works.

  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Light weight
  • Easy to use
  • One blade for all applications
  • Dust free with vacuum attachment
  • In built safety switch
  • Safety tested and certified

Occupational health and safety

One of the major concerns in the plaster industry, is back injuries caused by the weight and size of the plasterboard sheets.
This is a problem for the installers, even though there have been improved methods of installing.
The RebateMate allows for the use of smaller or cut down sheets to be used without compromising the quality of the finished job. This reduces the potential of back injuries by creating sheets that are smaller, lighter and easier to manoeuvre. The RebateMate is also environmentally friendly, and can reduce the potential of respiratory problems as it is dust free.
The specialised head attachment, fitted to a symmetrical cutting wheel can be fitted to most commercial vacuum systems creating a dust free environment.
The cutting blade is the only part that requires maintenance, by changing over when required.

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